20 years....

Yep, 20 years. My wedding photography career started in 1997. Film trained by an amazing photographer. Since then, I have the privilege of photographing more than 1200 weddings, been named "Wedding Photographer of the Year" Twice, by the AIPP, witnessed one the worlds biggest camera changes (Film to digital) travelled the country & the globe several times, been part of so many beautiful different cultures & traditions, got SO excited of the most extraordinary light that I have ever seen, photographed in some of the worst weather conditions, conquered some of the longest hours, stressed over horrible traffic (numerous times) always getting to the ceremony, got lost so many times, dropped my camera on my finger which split the bone in two, but yes, kept photographing for 7 more hours, smashed my camera gear all over a country road, been warned about crocodiles, warned about snakes, had the spider from hell in my car, nervously put brides in the most craziest of places to get the shot, been pushed over by family members so they get a better shot, like literally, pushed over, saved many couples from either getting wet or dirty, been a counsellor to lots of drunk people, danced "like I could" in the middle of the a packed dance floor, laughed so hard its been uncontrollable, negotiated with security guards just so I can get to a better location, been so badly sunburnt, but left the day with the biggest smile on my face, horribly dehydrated, absolutely starved for food, only been late 'once', yes, once to the brides house, been so tired & burnt out that I have had to have a nap in the car, photographed a 10 hour wedding with the worst case of pneumonia,  been a shoulder to cry on to several family members, cried myself (in secret) many many times, and felt so much part of the family that I was sure I was to go home with them..haha

I have loved every minute of it. What a ride. And this is just my wedding career. My Event/ Commercial & News photography world is a whole other story....

So who am I? 

Husband to my beautiful Yvette, Dad to our 3 kids Will, Ruby & Oscar. We live on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, where I grew up. 

I guess I could say that I fell into this career. My first ever wedding I shot was like, wow, this just makes total sense. I have always loved meeting people & getting to know all my couples on a deeper level. Its a real privileged to be sharing such an intimate day with them, it has always been personal to me.

 You may realise, looking at my Instagram or FaceBook page, I am really not one for any of the social media platforms. I am certainly not a "blogger" nor do I like boasting very much about the places I have been photographing in. Some would say that this has hindered my career, but I